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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday 3.4

This month is almost over and I am close to accomplishing my goal for the month which was to make 10 freshstitches amigurumi from patterns I haven't made before. I finished 3 and had 7 more to go.Yesterday I finished 4 more and now I only need to finish 3 by Sunday. Below are in progress pics of two of them I started last week. 

I've also been working on my craft room! I think I finally got the furniture how I want it. I still have plenty to do but here is an update.
Here is a view from the doorway. I kept my yarn organization the same. I need to get more bins and am thinking of some wall decor ideas so the walls won't look so plain.
Here is the wall next to the door with all my jetmax cubes. And there is plenty of floor space for blocking my knitted shawls. 
Which brings me to talking about my first time blocking. I finally got all my blocking supplies and made my first attempt yesterday. I think it went well and the blocking wires really did help speed up the process. I ended up getting the mats at Walmart for $20 and they are way bigger than the ones I had originally planned to get from Knitpicks. I am currently blocking my mom's shawl I finished a while back. Its hard to see since its an off white and I placed it over a towel so it wouldn't get dirty against the grey mats. 

I also finally found some time to work on my entrelac baby blanket on Saturday and finished up three more rows. I think I'm almost half way done. 
Lastly I am going to participate in the freshstitches scrap a long. I have chosen to make the squid pattern with my scraps. 
I had plenty more scraps to choose from but I narrowed it down to these which are all pinks and purples and I think they will go nicely together. 
I made a magic ball by joining all the scraps together and I love how it looks. I'm going to wait to start my squid until next week so I should have some in progress pictures to share next Wednesday. 
Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!


  1. ooh your room is looking super pretty; i love the colours you've chosen for it. I always love your crochet but that bee is going to be awesome. Have a creative wednesday xx

  2. You are a busy bee, your craftroom looks great and so do your projects. Love the entrelac baby blanket.

  3. Wow you sound very busy and productive. Love, love your craft room so much!! all those scissors!

  4. OK, call me jealous and am so sharing this post with DH....I'm going to enlarge the pics of your craft room and tape them above his side of the bed!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love your organization! I wish that I had some of those bins! Maybe I will make a trip to the store this weekend :-)

  6. Such fabulous progress... and I LOVE your craft room! :)

  7. All of your WIPs are terrific. I like the bold red to the contrasts in the bee. The entrelac blanket is so neat and hooray for finishing your mum's shawl. I'm green that you have your own craft room.

  8. Great room. For the walls, what about some floating shelves that you can display some of your creations on?



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