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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wip Wednesday 8.1

Wow its been a while since I last participated in Wip Wednesday. I was busy with my Aquatic Animals e-book I just didn't get a chance to share my wips but now that my e-book is published I can get back to normal life. This week I am getting back to working on Hector the Hammerhead Shark. This pattern will be released on Saturday, August 10th!
I basically started over with the head and made it much longer. I found that making the head the way I was just wasn't working out. Don't worry, I have much more done than this but I didn't get a chance to take pictures yet!

I also started working on a pattern test for Freshstitches. She designed an adorable lion and I was lucky enough to get to test it. I need to get it done this weekend which should be a problem. My goal is to finish it in time to share on Friday!

On Saturday I released my Aquatic Animals e-book and I'm offering coupons this week so that you can get them and save a couple $$.

Many of you may be familiar with Ravelry and that they have a list of patterns that are hot at the moment for both knitting and crochet or each separate category. Well one of my patterns Octavio the Octopus made it to #7! At least thats the highest I saw! It was really exciting so I took a picture to share with you all. 

Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!


  1. What an appropriate WIP for shark week :) Congratulations on the #7 rank, that is awesome!!

  2. Congrats on your publication and ranking in Ravelry's top list.


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