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Monday, January 20, 2014

Craft Room Organization 2014: Day 1

Its a New Year and its time to get organized! Last year I followed the Webs Yarn Store Blog: 31 days to get Organized posts. Here is a link to my wrap-up post!

It really helped to follow all the blog post last year so this year I'll be doing something similar but more personalized to what I need to do.

Clean my craft room! 
Friday night I was in my craft room and got to work. My room was a complete mess there was no walking space and my desks were full of projects. I was actually surprised I managed to finish it in a couple hours. Here are a couple of things I did:

1. Organize UFO's into piles: Will finish, Undecided, and Frog.
This surprisingly didn't take too long. If you want to see the list of projects I will be finishing check out my Super-sized Wip Wednesday post! For now here is pic of a box of undecided projects. Most are almost done but I can't decided whether I really want to finish them or not. 
2. Put back yarn that I am no longer using. 
I really should be doing this every time I finish a project but it never happens. 

3. Place all yarn that I need to wind up again in a separate bin. 
I had some yarn scraps to re-wind and yarn from projects I already frogged. There are still a couple bigger projects I need to frog. I think I will do a frog and re-wind day this weekend. 
4. Organize yarn.
I organized my yarn by brand. I have 2 bins with my Hobby Lobby I love this Yarn, 2 bins with Berroco Vintage, 2 bins with KnitPicks Yarn (Comfy, Shine, Brava, & Swish), 2 bins with Cascade (Heritage & 220 Superwash), 6 bins with Bernat (mostly Softee Baby), 1 bin with cotton yarn ( Hobby Lobby I love this cotton and Sugar n' Cream), and 2 bins with miscellaneous acrylic yarn. 

I'm really satisfied with the work I've done so far. Next Monday I will be flashing my stash and more!

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