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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wip Wednesday

Wow its been more than a month since the last time I had a chance to post. I've been working on several different projects. 
In March I started working on new designs and will be releasing them in mid April. Some of the new designs will be part of a CAL also starting mid April. I'll share pictures of some finished designs on Friday. Here are some teasers. If you are part of my Ravelry group then you already know what they are!
I also started working on how I am going to crochet spots for future patterns. 
I've also been getting ready for my very first craft fair that will be in June. I want to include a variety of items so I started working on my first lovey, a giraffe. 
I'm working on some caterpillar and butterfly rattles. 

Lastly, I am working on 2 puzzle balls.
On Friday I will also share my finished Ravellenics projects from February. 
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments! Remember to check out FO Friday!
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