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Friday, May 31, 2013

Fo Friday 5.5

May has come to an end and that means its time for the May Wrap-up. I thought it would be fun to share my progress on my goals also. Here is a list of my goals for the year:

Finish UFO's from 2012
I frogged a lot of the UFO's from 2012 so I don't think I have many if any left to finish. 

Finish all new projects I start
I have been doing a good job at finishing all projects I start this year. I may take a while to get back to them but they get done in the end. Right now I have a shawl that I haven't worked on in a while but my goal is to finish it up next month. 

Add more variety to my Etsy shop 
Currently I only sell amigurumi and baby bibs. But next month I will be introducing at least one new product, Amigurumi rattles for babies. I have a couple other projects in mind I just haven't found the time to work on them.

Learn at least 4 new crafts 
Tunisian Crochet: I'm working on a needle case made in Tunisian crochet. Right now its on hold but I plan to get back to working on it in the next couple of months.
Broomstick Lace: I made myself a scarf using broomstick lace back in March. I really want to try another project with this technique I just haven't decided on one yet.
Hairpin Lace: I made my mom a scarf using this technique for her birthday and I'm planning on making her a shawl but I haven't started. This is one project that was planned in 2012 and I just never got around to working on.
Knitting with Beads: I made my first attempt at knitting with beads this month. It was a small cuff but I really want to get started on a shawl that involves knitting with beads. 

Use up Stash yarn 
I'm not really following through all the way for this goal. I have been using stash yarn for some projects but I've already made big purchases of yarn three times this year. But there are no plans of purchasing anymore so I should do better from now on. 

Make a total of 120 amigurumi 
I'm making great progress on this goal. I've already made 47 out the 120 I want to make. I still have 73 left to make meaning I should try to do 10-11 a month to be able to accomplish my goal. 

Stay Organized
To be honest I don't get organized as often as I should. The last time I did some cleaning and organizing was on Sunday because I really needed to fix things up. I want to at least try to do this every 3-4 weeks.

May Wrap-Up 
I finished 11 amigurumi.
I also published 3 patterns this month and 6 of the amigurumi I made are from my own designs. The other 5 are Freshstitches patterns. 

I only have one FO this week. Its the second sample from my wolf pattern: Gabriel the Grey Wolf!

Reminder: Tomorrow Saturday (USA) is the last day to use coupon code FoxandWolf and get $2 off when buying both Gabriel the Grey Wolf and Fabian the Red Fox together in one single transaction. Each pattern individually is $5, with the coupon you can get both for $8!

Have a great Weekend!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wip Wednesday 5.5

This week I finally got around to knitting my Bella shawl again. It's been a month since I last worked on it and I really want to try to finish it soon. 

I also have been working on mini owls and other animals to add to my etsy shop. And I will be participating in the Freshstitches Doll-a-long which I haven't started yet. I also started to think of what to design next but am not set on one animal yet.

I did publish 2 patterns last Saturday!
Separately they are $5 each but I am having a promotion.
If you buy both patterns together in one single transaction using the coupon code: FoxandWolf you can get $2 off! This promotion ends Saturday 6/1 at midnight! So if you're interested in these two patterns get them now at a discounted price!

Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fo Friday 5.4

Today I was supposed to release my second pattern: Fabian the Red Fox but a couple of things came up this weekend and even though the pattern is written I still need some pictures and I need to make some tutorial videos before releasing so you will have to wait 2 more days. The new release day is Sunday, May 26th! I did finish the two samples I was working on. 
Another sample of the red fox. I overstuffed the legs and now the stuffing is showing but I think its okay. I also finished a grey wolf sample.
Originally I was planning on making the wolf part of the fox pattern but once I finished it I thought he is too cute to not get his own pattern. This will also be helpful when people search for wolves they will actually be able to find him. His name is Gabriel the Grey Wolf and he will also be released on Sunday!
They are not exactly the same which is why I am releasing them as two separate patterns. Even though foxes and wolves are similar they are not the same. Besides the size and color variations there are other differences. For example a fox had a tail with a white tip and the rest orange. While the wolf has a 2 colored tail, white on the bottom and grey on top. Another difference is the snout, foxes have pointer snouts. The color of the legs is another difference, wolves have only a bit a white at the bottom and the rest is grey while the fox is the opposite. 
I was going to sell a fox pattern with instructions to make a wolf for $8 but now that I am selling 2 separate patterns, they will each be $5. But I want to give you all the opportunity of getting them both for $8 so for the first week of their release I will be offering a coupon. You can save $2 if you buy them both together. You must however buy both of them together, you cannot buy one then buy the other one later because the coupon will not work. I will give the coupon code when I release them on Sunday. 

To make sure you don't miss if make sure to either check back here, and/or follow me on Twitter or Facebook. 
<<<Links to my twitter and Facebook are on the left!

Have a great Weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wip Wednesday 5.4

This week I've mostly been finishing up my fox pattern and getting it ready for its release on Friday. I've also decided to include instructions on making a wolf. I am currently working on my wolf sample. 
I am also working on some mini owls. Since I have several different colors of I love this yarn I'm having fun making combinations of colors for all the tiny owls. I only finished one so far so I'm hoping to finish up my pattern today so I can work on some owls on Thursday and share them with you all on Friday!

Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fo Friday 5.3

So I'm excited that I have so much to share today!
First up an owl I started last month and just now got around to finishing. I really love how he turned out. He is from the Freshstitches pattern: Nelson the Owl.
I finished another Freshstitches pattern from her Woodland animals class on craftsy. I think this is my favorite deer I've mad so far. He is too cute!
I also made another purple bear. I made one two months ago and really loved the color combination so I decided to make another to add to the shop. Its been a while since I added new items to my shop so all three of these will be listed this weekend.
I also have a picture of my very own design Emilia the Elephant that I released last Thursday. This is Emilio the original elephant I was going to use as my sample. I made his trunk different and there are directions on how to do this version available with the pattern. 
And finally I present Fabian the Red Fox my second design I will be releasing in two weeks. I love this fox and I hope you all do too!

Have a great weekend!
Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wip Wednesday 5.3

This week I have been mostly focusing on finishing up my second pattern which I am planning to release at the end of the month. Here is a sneak peek...any guesses on what animal it is?

I also finally got around to practicing knitting with beads. I bought Laura Nelkin's class on the subject and have really enjoyed watching it. I finished the Pioneer Cuff which is the first project but I still need to block it. I'm already thinking of making more.
And of course I have already started my own bead stash. I found a bead store in a town about an hour away and got my brother to take me on Sunday. There was a Mother's Day sale going on so I got a few more than I would have otherwise. They had a nice selection of colors so I think I may be going back. 

In case you missed it, I released my first pattern last week. Emilia the Elephant!


Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

FO Friday 5.2

Happy Friday!

I'm excited to announce that I released my first pattern yesterday!

She is really easy to make and I am working on some tutorials of my own for anyone who might need help. For now I have links to some tutorials I found online and they are under the Tutorials tab above. 

I'm super excited about releasing my first pattern and I currently have 2 in the works. One is officially becoming a pattern and I'll share more about it next week. I'm thinking about releasing it sometime in the next 2 weeks. The other I'm still trying to figure out but I'm hoping to release that one sometime in June. 

I did manage to finish one project for today. Its one of the doll patterns that Stacey Trock (freshstitches) will be releasing I believe sometime next week. I got to test it for her and here she is. Unfortunately I didn't have felt so I couldn't make the facial features like those in the pattern but I'm sure I will be making another one of these in the near future. 
Have a great weekend!
Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday 5.2

Hello! I actually have a picture today! Not a very good one since I forgot to take it earlier but I have one. I've mostly been working on my pattern that will be released on Friday but I really needed to get started on my pattern test for Freshstitches newest pattern coming out soon which are dolls. I'm testing out the ballerina for Stacey. I'm currently working on the body. I need to finish it by tomorrow so I need to hurry up. I'm about half way so I don't think it will be a problem getting it done on time. I also still have to finish the owl and deer for Friday and on top of that I have some finishing touches to add to my pattern before releasing it but I'm excited to see what you all think about it. 
On another note I made another sale in my shop! This time it was a baby bib, a squirrel grey one. I'll take advantage of the trip to the post office to also ship the amigurumi I am donating to the Purple Stitch Project. I have about 7 amigurumi already done with purple that I am thinking I'm going to donate. 

Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fo Friday 5.1

Its May! So many things happening this month: my birthday, my dad's birthday, Mother's Day, and I'm release my 1st pattern! I didn't get a chance to finish any projects this week so I only have my wrap-up to share. I will definitely have projects to share next Friday. 
This month I only finished 5 projects: 3 shawls and 2 amigurumi. I'm hoping to finish a lot more this month.
Have a great weekend!
Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday 5.1

Hello! I don't have any pictures of what I have been working on because its top secret. At least until next week. I have been working on a couple designs of my own. I started last week and can't seem to stop. I'm working on my third one now. I'm planning on releasing my first pattern next Friday May 10th! I have the pattern typed and all that is missing are in progress pictures so I still haven't attached the pieces yet. If I can get the pictures taken before Friday I will reveal what animal it is this Friday but if not it will be until next week. The reason I haven't taken pictures is that its been raining or cloudy everyday. 

For the second animal I finished typing all the crocheting instructions but I still need to type the attaching instructions and take pictures. I will probably make that pattern available at the end of the month. The third pattern I just started so I'm thinking it will be ready sometime in June. 

The reason I didn't want to post pictures right away was because I wasn't sure I would be completely happy with each project so I didn't want to say look I'm working on this animal and then end up saying never mind I frogged it so I will only post pictures once everything is ready and its officially going to be available to purchase. 

I did find sometime to work on the two animals from next week. I finished crocheting all the parts and will work on attaching them and taking pictures to share on Friday! I will also have my April Wrap-Up to share that day.

Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!
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