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Friday, January 4, 2013

FO Friday 1.1

New Blog Look!
Like I said on Wednesday I recently purchased a couple of graphics from Sara Rubendall to make my blog and Facebook page match my Etsy shop and business cards. I'm going to adjust the banner a bit and might play around with the background since one of the packages I purchased comes with the color codes used in the banner. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I also changed the fonts and tabs to make it look a little more professional. I added a space for announcements at the top left so I can post sales and other updates about the shop. My Facebook banner also looks very nice of course with Facebook fan pages there isn't much you can do to customize. You may also notice that my blog post have changed. My goal for this year is to try to be more organized and so I decided to make my post look organized by having different sections within a post. :)
I finished up two animals this past weekend. These were the last two amigurumi's finished in 2012! I didn't get a chance to finish the platypus but I will this weekend so she will be ready to share next Friday!

I started this deer back in December and had planned to finish it and list it in time for Christmas but didn't get around to it so I changed my original idea of having a red nose like Rudolph to a simple black nose. I think he looks cute. This one has already been listed in my shop!

This dragon was the last project I worked on in 2012 and he was finished exactly 10 minutes before the year ended. I really liked the way he turned out and the color combination. This is the first dragon with frills that will be added to the shop. This one will be listed later on today.
31 Days to get Organized
Many of you may be familiar with Webs Yarn Store. Well I follow them on Twitter and saw that they will be posting tips on getting organized this year. I thought I would go ahead and follow the post since I really do need to do something with all my UFO's and yarn. Wednesday's post was the second day and the post was about deciding whether to Keep or Frog your UFO's. I think this is a great idea and I had considered doing this but never got around to it so my goal for this weekend will be to do just that. I'm going to take some time to go through all of the projects I have unfinished and decide whether I am going to finish it or whether its better to frog it. Thursday's post has tips on how to organize the projects you decide to keep. I'll probably use some of these ideas for my WIP's and hopefully that will help me get them done throughout the year. I'll have an update on how that went on Wednesday. For now I already know one project I am definitely going to frog. 


I started these socks a while back and had originally planned to finish them but now I'm not too sure. I really like this yarn its Cascade Heritage and its really soft. I was wanting to learn to make socks and so when I bought this yarn I decided to use it to try to make my first pair but now I'm not sure I should continue because honestly I'm never going to wear them. I was thinking that maybe I should frog them and make a shawlette instead. The yarn is too beautiful in my opinion to not show it off by wearing it on your feet. Plus I'm really not inspired to finish them so they probably wouldn't get finished anyway.
2012 Wrap-Up
If you haven't already take a look at my post from Monday showing all the projects I started and those I completed last year. Its basically all pictures of my finished and unfinished projects and I have included a list of my goals for the year. 
Merchandise Monday
On Monday I will post my monthly update on new items added to my shop. This one will have a total of 13. Remember the Sale is still going on through Wednesday, January 9th. Use coupon Code NEWYEAR13 to get 13% off your purchase.

If you would like to share your FO's or check out what others finished up this week check out Tami's Blog! 
Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!

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  1. Great new look for your blog. It's always so fun seeing your amigurumi. Each has character. Some are like like chubby babies while others are cute and goofy.


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