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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wip Wednesday 6.2

This week I have a lot of projects I am working on. First I started another design. I actually have about 4 others that I haven't finished yet. I like having options. This one is going well so far and I think it will probably be the next pattern I release.

I finally got started on the doll for the Freshstitches Doll-a-long which ends next week. I only have a leg and 2 arms but I am hoping to get some work done in the next 2 days since I am going to be busy this weekend and probably won't have time to work on it. 

I also got some assembling done on the Panda I started so long ago. I want to try to finish it up for Friday along with the elephant I was working on last week. I finished all of the crocheting all that is left is the assembling. 

Chloe from Amination Blog designed both Hoops & YoYo which are Hallmark characters. She is offering them free on her blog and they are so cute. I started working on YoYo this week and so far this is what I have done. 

Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!


  1. wow always such cute creations!! Have a creative wednesday xx

  2. Wow! What a great job! I made both of my kids a knit doll during their respective first years. It was very satisfying to make them a toy to play with - instead of just clothing :-)

  3. Lots of little cuties on the go. I can't wait to see all the different dolls that come out of that doll-along.

  4. Lovely projects! My favorite is the panda.

    Here's my WIP:

  5. Ack! How did I miss this in my feed? Happy colors and productivity! Terrific!


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