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Friday, April 5, 2013

FO Friday 4.1

I didn't finish any projects this week but I did finish some last weekend. My goal for the month was to make 10 amigurumi from Freshstitches patterns I hadn't made yet. 

Here are all 10. The top 5 are tiny and helped me complete the goal since I had to make the last five in one week. The bottom five are the Freshstitches regular size ones that usually take me about 2-3 days to make. 

I also made this cute bunny in a costume that is an original design of Dawnie Dolls called Chicky Hop. 
Here is the back side!

So now that another month has ended, its time for the March Wrap-Up. This month I finished a total of 14 projects! I made 12 amigurumi and 2 scarves!

I've been wanting to get some interchangeable knitting needles for a while now and have been looking for reviews online. I thought about getting some really nice ones like Addi Clicks but even thought they are probably worth it they are just too expensive compared to other brands that I think will work fine and are less expensive. I've been looking into getting Knitter's Pride Nova. I'm thinking about getting the Chunky Set to try them out since its only $32.95. If I like them then I will probably get the Deluxe Set and cords as I need them. Does anyone has any Knitter's pride Needles? What do you think? Would you recommend?
Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!


  1. All of your month's work is just great! The amigurumi are so cute, and the scarfs are beautiful!

  2. You got a great amount done for March and I just love all your amigurumi, they are so cute.


    Sooo sweet! love clickety hop!

  4. Amazing projects! The rabbit-duck is adorable.

    Here's my FO:

  5. A collage is such a perfect tool to reflect back on past work, yeah? Your amigurumi is always so fun to see because you always chose bold colors and they look so big and in your face in real life. I can imagine kids just flocking to your office and grabbing those amigurumi to run off and play with them.


Thank you for your comments! :)

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