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Friday, May 10, 2013

FO Friday 5.2

Happy Friday!

I'm excited to announce that I released my first pattern yesterday!

She is really easy to make and I am working on some tutorials of my own for anyone who might need help. For now I have links to some tutorials I found online and they are under the Tutorials tab above. 

I'm super excited about releasing my first pattern and I currently have 2 in the works. One is officially becoming a pattern and I'll share more about it next week. I'm thinking about releasing it sometime in the next 2 weeks. The other I'm still trying to figure out but I'm hoping to release that one sometime in June. 

I did manage to finish one project for today. Its one of the doll patterns that Stacey Trock (freshstitches) will be releasing I believe sometime next week. I got to test it for her and here she is. Unfortunately I didn't have felt so I couldn't make the facial features like those in the pattern but I'm sure I will be making another one of these in the near future. 
Have a great weekend!
Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!


  1. Oh that is super cute, and really awesome that there is a pattern for it!

    Your little doll is very pretty too :)

  2. Your elephant is delightful and the little ballerina is adorable. Congratulations on releasing your first pattern, it's a big step and I wish you much success.

  3. Your first pattern is adorable! Congratulations.

  4. Wow that's a cute elephant! I'd totally crochet that! I'd better go have a look at my stash to see what might work :)

    The doll is cute too! I'm not planning that one though. I'm dreadful at doing faces and stuff!

  5. Gorgeous Elephant!! I had to queue it! One day I will make one! She is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on your first pattern!

  6. The elephant is adorable and I love your test doll as well. What a cute ballerina!

  7. Amazing elephant!

    Here's my FO:

  8. Your elephant is fantastic. I like ruffling in her ears. The doll is pretty cool. The ruffles in her skirt are so girly and her shoes are awesome.


Thank you for your comments! :)

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