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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wip Wednesday 8.3

I took a small break from crocheting these past couple of days but today I'm back to work. I'm working on finishing up the two elephants I started back in June & July. I was supposed to have finished them for my elephant CAL but I didn't get a chance so one of my goals is to finish them up this month.

I've also started on the first of 5 animals I will be making for my second CAL that started August 12th. Its an Aquatic Animals CAL and there are 5 patterns to choose from. It ends in October so there is still plenty of time to join!

I'm also planning to add new animals to my etsy shop before the holidays and I needed to buy more stuffing. I usually would buy the 5lb box with a coupon at AC Moore for $12 but when they closed back in April I needed to find another place to get them at a discount price but none of the other stores had the brand I was using. I bought one at Hobby Lobby but I didn't really like it. So I went to Walmart and to my surprise they have the 10lb boxes for $20! That is a great deal especially since those boxes are sold for at least $40 so that was half off and cheaper than buying 2 of the 5lb boxes with coupons. I ended up getting the 2 they had since I use a lot of stuffing. Hopefully they will continue to carry them because they can't be ordered online. So if you are in the need for stuffing make sure and check out Walmart first! :)

Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!


  1. I bought stuffing for the bears I made from Wal-Mart as well.

    You make me wish I could crochet. I tried learning once but couldn't figure out which stitches I had to use for each row... It was just a scarf but looked anything but!

  2. Great colors for the elephants! I may make your sting ray for my newphew's October birthday or wait for Christmas.

  3. Your animals are so cute and I love the shade of blue you are using. Nice to hear about Wal-Mart as that is the only game in town here unless I order over the internet. Nice to see some crocheters out here!

  4. That's a great deal on stuffing.


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