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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wip Wednesday: Making Progress!

Last Wednesday I shared all the wips that I had already and my goal is to work on them and finish most of them within the next month. I actually feel like I'm a bit closer to my goal, well not really but I'm making progress!

The List
Commissioned Greyhound
Brother's Scarf
Penelope's Blanket
Crochet Hook Case
White Shawl
Purple Shawl
Baby Bib
Rainbow Monkey

No Rush Projects:
Tiny Owls
Stash Busting Blanket
Parasol Scarf
Entrelac Blanket

With only 3 days left in this month, I'm hoping to have at least some finished. The greyhound, star, monkey, and baby bib are almost finished so I'm going to work on finishing those first. 

Here is what I worked on this past week:

The greyhound is almost done! The body is finished and I'm currently working on the head. I think he is turning out pretty good. 
I finished making all the pockets of my crochet hook case. All that is left is the outside cover and I'm done. I haven't decided on the color or pattern yet so I'm setting this one aside temporarily while I work on some other projects on the list. 
I also worked on my brother's scarf, the entrelac blanket, and the stash busting blanket but didn't take pictures since you can't really notice the difference anyway.

Oh, and I got some new items for future projects!

First I got a new book: Modern Baby Crochet by Stacey Trock. There are several projects I can't wait to get started on but I've decided to wait until I finish some projects I already have.
My dad got me this Afghan Loom last week. He wanted to get it for Christmas but they ran out at the store. They finally had them back in stock and I got it. I know I want to make an afghan but I don't want to get the yarn just yet as I have no room for the amount of yarn it would take to make an afghan so that project is on hold for now. 
Over the weekend I finally got a chance to go to the AC Moore closes to me which is out of town and I got the Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set. I've been wanting these for a long time and almost bought them online but when I found out they sold them at the store I decided to wait and use a coupon so I saved half off. I want to work on my Tunisian Crochet so these will be perfect!
Last but not least got this I-cord machine. I have an idea that I got from watching a craftsy class that involves i-cord but I'm too lazy to make it without this machine so I went ahead and got it. I'll share more details on the project once I get to it. :)

That's it for me today! What are you all working on? 
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments! Remember to check out FO Friday!


  1. What neat gadgets! I can't wait to see the grayhound. I'm almost done with the eel. I get asked about it a lot at piano. They're so curious and impressed.

  2. Love the greyhound! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the icord machine


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