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Friday, September 13, 2013

FO Friday 9.2

Happy Friday!! This week I have two finished shawls to share.
The first one is the Bella Botanica Shawl by Karen Strauss. I started this shawl months ago but didn't get a chance to finish it until now. Its the biggest shawl I've made and the first one using Lace weight yarn. I'm going to have to block it again to get the edging right but other than that I love how it turned out. 
The second shawl is the Annis Shawl by Susanna IC. I really enjoyed this shawl and its the first I made from the bottom up using short rows. Mine is much smaller and has a couple of modifications. First I used a size 6 needle instead of 8. The other modifications I followed from another person who made the shawl, she added an eyelet row at the top and she didn't wrap and turn instead she just slipped the first stitch purl wise. If you are interested in reading all her modifications here is a link to her project page on ravelry. 

Have a great weekend! :)

Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!


  1. I like both shawls. The white one is a piece of art. Wow!

  2. Oh my, what beautiful shawls! I love the first one the most I think, it's just so delicate. I love the texture of the nupps in the second one though. I guess I'll just have to add both of the patterns to my queue lol

  3. I love both of those shawls! I really like the Annis shawl. I need to go check that out on Rav.

  4. Lovely FOs here. You picked designs with cute detailing.

  5. LOVE Bella Botanica! It is absolutely gorgeous!


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