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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wip Wednesday 9.4

I'm working on several amigurumi's this week. I'm adding lots of elephants to my etsy shop by the end of the weekend. I also started brainstorming on new designs! I'll share teaser pictures as soon as I get some crocheting done.

I'm participating in 3 Mystery KAL's! The first is Mystery KAL by al-abrigo. Its the first mystery KAL I am participating in but its not much of a mystery since it started weeks ago and I already peeked at the spoiler threads. I'm actually on Clue #3 now but forgot to take a picture. Its a semicircular shawl and I am loving it so far!

The second is the Autumn Mystery KAL by Susanna IC. Its starting next week and I still can't decide which yarn to use and whether to use beads or not. I'm also going to be needing my size 6 needles which are currently in use for my other mystery KAL so I'm hoping to finish it as soon as possible so I can start this one.

The third mystery KAL starts October 1st. For this one I will be making holiday dishcloths. We will be getting 3 patterns a week for 4 weeks so I'm going to have to go yarn shopping which I haven't done in a while so I'm excited! If you would like to participate in this one you will find more information here

Lastly I extended my Aquatic Animals CAL to end on November 11th! There is still plenty of time to enter!

Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!


  1. Your shawl is looking pretty. I'd definitely go with beads for the other one, they make the drape really nice

  2. That shawl is looking really great. You have so many things going on I am excited to see them all take shape. =)

  3. The KAL looks gorgeous.

    Here'e my WIP:

  4. I love all your WIPs!!
    After I submit my last diploma essay on October 13th I'll be free to enter Your CAL :)
    Saludos desde Chile

  5. I am always envious of how you're able to keep balanced with designing and with personal projects. These Mystery KALs sound fun.


Thank you for your comments! :)

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