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Friday, August 17, 2012

FO Friday: Completed Goal!!

GOAL: Make all the animals from Crocheted Softies- COMPLETE 
I'm so excited! I finally finished all the animals from Crocheted Softies! I've been working on them for hours but they are finished! For now I am showing ya'll the last few by themselves but you won't want to miss next week's FO Friday because I will be taking a group picture of all 18 of them together!! 
Okay so the orangutan doesn't actually look like an orangutan but at least it looks like a monkey right? 
I love this macrobe! It's huge compared to the ones I made before. I used Hobby Lobby I love this yarn and its definitely bulkier than Caron Simply Soft which I normally use. I think I am getting better at the loop stitch too!
I'm so glad I finally finished the snake! It took me forever to do but I like it! I took lots more pics and you can check them out on the project page by clicking on the link above. 
 So I wasn't too sure about this moose but I think I am liking it more now. I had originally planned for the legs to be black and brown but then I changed my mind because the brown is actually much darker than it looks in the picture. 

Remember to come back next Friday for the group picture!
Now that I finished all these animals I am going to finish up the squirrel and start on the dragons for the CAL. 
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  1. Love them! :D Can't wait to see the huge group photo.

  2. These are super cute, especially the moose!

  3. Awesome. I think the snake is still my favourite but the Macrobe is pretty amazing too!

  4. I love the book, and your versions are so cute!!! The moose is wonderful!

  5. My goodness, you're awesome!!! I can't wait to see them together. They look great individually. Well done!

  6. OMG so much adorable!! They look totally awesome!

  7. Lovely animals! My favorite is the moose.

  8. Those turned out so cute! I cannot wait to see the group photo! :) Do you have any tips for someone who wants to do the moose soon?

  9. They are very cute. I can't wait to see them all together.:-)


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