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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday: More Dragons!

Here are the two dragons that I have been working on this week. The one to the left is the same from last week. I finally got around to sewing on all the parts of the head. I will try to get him finished up tomorrow and show him off Friday. This is the first dragon that I am adding frills and scales to and I really like it. 

The one to the right I just started this past weekend. I used the new yarn I bought Saturday Berroco Vintage. I have to say I think it is probably my favorite of all the dragons I have made so far. I switched my size H hook to size G and it looks so much better. I think it will be my first item for sale on my etsy shop. I won't give to many details for now but I am working on opening an etsy stop where I will sell these cuties and other things also. I will write up a post all about it later on so if anyone is interested know that its coming soon. Going back to taking about the dragon, I made it similar to my pink dragon I started last week except for this will have scales. These two will also be for the Freshstitches CAL. 

Anyone interested in joining look for the Freshstiches group on ravelry. Also if you are a fan of Freshstiches Patterns and haven't liked her Facebook page you should do it soon because once she gets 4,000 likes she's having a sale. How does 40% off all patterns sound? 

Remember to come back for FO Friday to see these two cuties and the pink dragon from last week all finished! 

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  1. These are very cute, I do like the colours of the one on the left! I think they will do will for selling in an etsy shop

  2. Oh gosh!
    They have to be the cutes dragons I have seen!!

  3. So adorable! I might have to make another one, your colour choices have inspired me :D

  4. Those little dragons are ADORABLE! I'm especially fond of the green/teal dragon. Keep up the good work!

  5. Love the fresh colour combination of the celery green with the cyan in that dragon on the right!

  6. Love the combinations of colors!

  7. I love those! They look great! I was honestly wondering how the side frills would look, but they look great on yours!

  8. I love seeing your dragon progress!! They are so cute!

  9. I can not even begin to say how cute I think those are!!!!!


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