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Friday, October 12, 2012

FO Friday: Monsters & a Giant Squid!

You can tell its almost Halloween because I've been working on some monsters! Okay they don't look too scary but they are still monsters. Speaking of Halloween I still need to start my entry for the Freshstitches Halloween Cal. I've been so busy with other animals I haven't had time to think about what I am going to make yet. Maybe this weekend I can spend some time brainstorming and start the project. 

Going back to the Monsters of this week. I just realized they look very girly. I guess I was just in the mood of using pink yarn. This one above is the ball monster from the Design your own monster craftsy class. I decided to add my personal touch to the mouth instead of following the instructions. I am planning on adding this one to my shop once it opens. 

The second monster is from my recent purchase of Freshstitches patterns. Again I used pink (the same from my bird from last week) and decided to use up some mint color that I used on mu purple mint owl also from last week. I am planning to use up yarn that isn't a full skein on my smaller amigurumi. This will also be for sale soon. 

I know its October and we shouldn't be thinking about the beach and sea animals anymore but I couldn't resist making the Freshstitches Giant Squid that came with the big bundle I bought recently. He is really big compared to the other animals. I needed to use a full skein of yarn in order to have enough and this purple was perfect. I was really excited to finish him that I actually got him done in less than 2 days! 

Well that's it for this week.  
My goal for next week is to finish 2 dragons I started a while ago and maybe the blue platypus. One of the dragons is really close to getting finished so I know I will at least have one to show. 

I am working on the baby blanket slowly but I am. 
I know I had an animal on Wednesday that I said guess what it was and come check it out today to see if your guess was right...well I actually had that in a project bag and forgot all about it until now so I didn't finish him. I did finish crocheting all the parts but I still have to sew everything on. I had one person, Minding my own stitches, guess and she was right it is a turtle and for sure it will be finished next Friday! 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Your monsters are so CUTE! You crochet very neat stitches by the way:)

  2. Lovely monsters. They don't look scary at all.

  3. Adorable ... especially the giant squid. Perfect for a kid of any age (even me)!

  4. What cute, fun monsters, esp. that squid! I have a soft spot for squids since I like to eat 'em and used to teach about them.


Thank you for your comments! :)

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