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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Bringing back some old projects!

I have a couple of things I am working on this week. Like every week I am working on Amigurumi. I acutally finished up 3 on Monday that I will be showing for FO Friday. I just bought the Big Bundle from the Freshstitches Etsy Shop so I have 30 new patterns to make. Plus Stacey designed 10 Monster patterns that are available free at Knitting Fever. Two patterns will be released every week until Halloween and there are four available now. I actually got to test one of the out for Stacey a while back so I only have 3 more to do and one of them I am currently working on and that's Alfo the one in purple. I still have a lot to do so I don't think he will be done this week. I also started another platypus this time I am making him with blues for a boy. The last one is a monster from the Design your own Monster class on Craftsy

So I have a couple of projects that I started months ago and haven't gotten around to finishing so I decided I am going to bring some back to work on. My plan is to work on the most recent ones first and then move on to working on some that are not even started. This week I am going to attempt to work on two of them. My plan isn't to get them finished quick its just to at least get some rows done every day. I feel like if I don't have a project in front of me or somewhere for me to be reminded of it I forget it completely. I come across them every time I clean and organize my craft area but nothing ever gets done. The first one is a baby blanket I started and was really excited about it at first but then I stopped working on it and forgot about it until now. It's the Round Ripple baby afghan and so easy to make. I want to get at least 3-5 rows done today. 

The second project is for my mother. Its the Classic Triangle with eyelets and old shale lace I found on ravelry. It's also pretty easy and and I also want to get a couple of rows done on that. I should probably try to finish this one first because my mother had been asking me when it will be done and I keep putting it off. 

This last project I talked about last week but I only had one square finished then now I have all 6 done. Its still considered a WIP until I get the other 5 squares to finish the cowl. For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about basically in the freshstitches group on ravelry some of us are making 6 granny squares we will send 5 of them to Hollie who will then send us back 5 squares each from a different person and then each of us will have a Freshstitches BFF Cowl. Any one can join as long as you are a member of the group. I will probably be sending mine sometime this week. 

I haven't worked on the socks since last week...
The Crocodile baby bib will be done for Friday!

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  1. Oh my, you've been a busy bee. I love the pattern and colour combo for the shawl, it's lovely.

  2. You have been super busy. I always love the stuffies you make, they always turn out so good. And your shawl is really pretty. Its going to be great when its done.

  3. Pretty projects you have going on. Love the pattern on the shawl.

  4. I love the shawl, the knitting is so perfect - WOW!

  5. oh wow you have quite a few projects on the go. Look forward to seeing all your fresh stitches creations

  6. Uh oh, I just clicked your link for "the big bundle" and OMG they are ALL adorable. Love your baby ripple; hopefully it can keep your attention for a while. It's too pretty to hibernate :)

  7. Wow. You have so many projects and they are all gorgeous. I especially like the shawl. And I have to admire your handiwork on all the crochet projects your stitches are so even.

  8. Nice projects! Wish you a crafty time! Regula

  9. I love the baby afghan, it is going to turn out beautiful!


Thank you for your comments! :)

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