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Monday, May 7, 2012

Work in Progress: Tatted Doily 2

I am going to be visiting my grandmother this summer. She loves crocheting doilies and she gives my mother and I some every time we go visit. So I thought it would be nice to make her something. Instead of making her a crochet doily which she could make herself I decided it would be a better idea to make her a tatted doily. She doesn't know how to tat so I know she will really like it. 
I looked online and in books to find a doily that looked really pretty and wasn't to complicated since I'm not an expert at tatting. I found one which I liked a lot and its 11 rows so its a good size. Its from the book Tatting theory and patterns by Jan Stawasz. I have done 3 rows so far. I just started working on it and I think it wont take me too long to finish which is good because it needs to be completely finished in less than two months. I'm using Lizbeth thread in Antique Violet Medium which I just bought two balls of and I couldn't resist and got another color which is Ocean turquoise dk. 

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