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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Work in Progress: Tatted Motif Doily

In another post I talked about a purple doily I was making for my grandmother. I realized that I would probably only complete one of them so I thought about making a simpler one that I could make set of at least six of them. I was looking at my mothers tatted doilies that she bought years ago in Mexico and saw that they were made with small motifs that were attached. So I thought that would be a lot faster to make. 
I looked through a lot of books looking for a simple one or two row motif that would work. Looking through the book Tatting theory and patterns by Jan Stawasz, which is the same book I got the purple doily from, I found this motif above. It was actually part of a larger doily that had 19 of these attached to make the center of the doily. I liked how it was only one row but it was a big enough size that if I made it using only nine motifs it wouldn't be too small. Each motif is about two inches. 
After working on it for about 2 days I have five motifs done and am working on the sixth of the first doily. This is so far about 7 inches across . After completing the sixth motif I will add two more to make it into a diamond shape. At least that's the plan so far. I tend to change my mind a lot so you never know what it will end up looking like. I have also considered doing an edging on it but I'm not sure about that either. 
Besides this being my first motifs tatted doily. I am also using a new thread and thread size. I had only worked with Aunt Lydia's crochet thread and Lizbeth thread when tatting and only in size's 10 and 20. But while at my local craft store I saw this above which is DMC Cebelia in size 30. They also carry size 10 and 20 but since I am making several doilies I thought it would be less expensive to buy this in a smaller size since that also means it has more yards per ball. Each of these is $5.99 and the size 30 has 563 yards plus I used a coupon so it was cheaper. If I got the size 20 that has 415 yards which is still pretty good and my only other option was Lizbeth which they only have size 20 at my local store and those have only 210 yards per ball for $3.99 each so I would have to buy more of those and spend more money and they didn't have any white which is what I wanted. It might not be the same and I'm new to tatting so I can't really tell a lot of difference but I like how it looks and feels so far I haven't had any problems so I'm glad I got it. I saw online that they have other colors so I might end up getting some of those since my local store only has it in white. 


  1. I don't know tatting. But I love the way you made things.

    1. Thank you!If you are interested in learning how there are videos on YouTube that may help you!


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