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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finished Baby Bib

Some time ago I found a blog with lots of baby bibs which you can find here. I just love all the patterns. As some of you might know I love knitting baby items but I haven't really gotten into baby bibs until now even though I did a different one before which I showed in my post here. I have completely finished three of the patterns and am working on making more. They are so much easier to knit that the one I did before. The pattern includes two different ways to begin. One is the traditional way in which you cast on stitches for the first couple of rows to make it the size it needs to be. The second way is knitting in short rows and is the one I like best because it give a nice round look at the bottom of the bib. For this method you cast on all the stitches at the beginning but only work some of the stitches and turn until you have all of them knitted.  
This first bib is the Baby Starfish. I used the brand I love this cotton sold at Hobby Lobby. Its much softer than the sugar n cream and since I needed to use cotton I went for the softer choice. I made this one using the color Aqua. I used a size 5 needle on this one for the bib and size 7 double pointed needles for the i-cord. It was also my first time making the i-cord. I like how she didn't just make it with the starfish but also added a nice border to make it look like water. This one has a garter stitch border and its one of the few because most of the ones I have seen are using moss stitch. The color choice is good for both girl or boy. 
This second one is the pattern Hippity Hop. The first of three bunny patterns that she has. This one also uses the garter stitch border. I used the I love this cotton brand again but this time in the color Rosy. For this one instead of using a size 5 needle I used size 4 to make the stitches tighter. The i-cord is also made using the size 4 needle. This one if for a girl obviously because of the color but I think the pattern also works better for girls. 
This last one is the cupcake pattern. I  used the I love this cotton brand again in color aqua. One ball is enough for two bibs and there is even some left over. This one also has a nice border. Here the moss stitch border is used instead of the garter stitch. I really like this one for the baby's first birthday. I would use it for a boy but the color would be good for a girl as well. I used a size 5 needle for the bib and size 7 for the i-cord the same as the first bib. 

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