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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Baby Bib & Amigurumi

My order from for safety eyes got here last Friday! I was so excited because I was going to be able to finish my amigurumi! Then I ran out of stuffing so I had to go get more and I had a busy weekend so it took the whole weekend but I finally finished them up Monday. So expect pictures of those up on my blog for this weeks FO Friday! I wanted to share what I bought! I got 12mm eyes- 4 packs (25 pairs each) so I have 100 pairs of those. I bought a lot because most of Stacey's amigurumi use 12mm eyes and they were the only ones that came in packs of 25 pairs for $6 so it was cheaper than buying the packs of 5. I also got one pack of 12 mm eyes which  have white around the black that came with 5 pairs and one pack with brown around the black also12mm and 5 pairs. Those two were over $3 and I actually found the brown ones at my local craft store for cheaper so I know now if I need more brown it will be cheaper to buy them there next time. The last thing I bought were 18mm black eyes. I bought one pack that came with 10 pairs for $6. I payed $40 including the shipping cost so I thought that was pretty good but if anybody knows of come other place to buy for cheaper that would be great too! Of course I will buy from her again she was very friendly and the shipping was super fast only 3 days so I highly recommend checking out her store if your interested in buying safety eyes.

Moving on I am working on a new pattern which is Nelson the Owl also from Stacey Trock. You can find this pattern on her etsy store here. I actually decided to do the head first and sew on all the parts because I just couldn't wait to see what it looked like so I just finished that. I will be working on the body and hopefully get that done for this weeks FO Friday but if not it will be on next week for sure.

Last but not least I am working on finishing this baby bib. I got the pattern free on Down Cloverlaine's blog. She has tons of great patterns for baby bibs and washcloths. I am working on making them all. I already made three others which I talked about in my post here. This is one of her latest patterns and I just had to make it because this bunny is super cute! I used Sugar n' Cream 100% cotton yarn. I have been using I love this cotton yarn brand on the other bibs I was making and I did notice that this yarn helps the design stand out better. So I think I might start making them with this yarn more even though I already bought several balls of the other yarn so I will probably still use them anyway.

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  1. Maybe use the other yarn for dishcloths? Or wipes?

    Cute little bunny pattern and I absolutely love the owl-in-progress. I'd be totally right there with you starting the head first just to see :)

  2. The bib is lovely as is Nelson. ;-)

  3. Can't wait to see the finished owl and your bib looks really cute. Ali x

  4. Awe! The owl is adorable! So cute I need to find the pattern.


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