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Monday, September 3, 2012


So I got my KnitPicks order on Friday! It was shipped Tuesday so I thought it was quick for standard shipping which I got free because I spent over $50. 

 I got a scale mostly because of how cheap it was $20. I would normally just use my brother's but he just moved out and took his scale with him and I couldn't imagine not having one around and all of the other scale I found in local stores were about $30 or more so I thought why not just get that one for $10 less. The ball winder I was so excited about getting it! First off the price is great $20 for something that most sell for around $50 and you can hold it or put it on a table. I personally prefer to put it on the table because I feel its easier. I'm not sure what I am supposed to look for when buying a ball winder all I know is its supposed to wind balls and this one does that so I don't have any complaints. I will have a separate post showing all the balls I have been winding up since I got this probably this weekend because I still have plenty more to wind up. I have to say I have been doing a lot of winding about 50 balls so far! I couldn't help myself :) I also got some stitch markers because I misplace mine a lot and I know I will need to have some at hand for backup plus they were purple which I liked.

I got 8 balls of cotton yarn: 2- Comfy Fingering in Flamingo, 2- Shine Sport in Green Apple, 2- Comfy Sport in Lilac Mist, and 2- CotLin in Sea foam. They are all beautiful colors and the Comfy and Shine are super soft, the CotLin not so much. Cotlin was my least favorite not so much because of its softness but because it has some fibers sticking out in certain spots which bother me. I'm not sure what I am going to use it for but its probably going to be something for the kitchen. The Comfy and Shine will be for baby clothes that I plan to sell on my Etsy shop (coming soon). Overall I think I will be buying from them again. I know I definitely want to get Comfy and Shine in different colors! 

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