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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Socks, Bib, Granny Square & Monster

For the last couple of months all I've been making is amigurumi, which I love making but I think its time that I work on other things as well. I will continue to make amigurumi a lot but will try to make more time for other things. I have four binders filled with patterns for so many other things I want to make and haven't yet. I'm hoping to get around to making them but for now I have these four items to share. 

First up is my first attempt at making socks! So I know most people would think to copy a pattern exactly when they make something for the first time but I'm not doing that. It might not be such a good idea because at the end they might not look all that great but I'm going along with it anyway. I looked at several videos to get an idea of how to make them. I actually have several patterns for socks that I got free and decided I was going to make one that was basic stockinette. When I finished the ribbing I decided to no longer follow the pattern and make a simple rib pattern of my own. Its basic 2 x 2 ribbing except for I move them over a stitch every 8 rows. I decided to use 2 small circulars and put both socks on at the same time. Its a little difficult at first but I think I got it now. This video was a lot of help for working 2 socks on 2 circular needles. I used it mostly for the heel flap,turning the heel, and gusset. Now I'm knitting the foot. I am doing stockinette for the bottom and continuing the pattern from the leg on the top. I used Cascade Heritage which is super soft and I love this color too.  

This second project is Fred the Croc by Elaine Fitzpatrick. I love her bibs they are all so cute and the best part is she offers the patterns free on her blog. They are super quick to make too. I made some adjustments because her pattern calls for worsted weight and I'm using a sport weight. If I followed the pattern exactly it was too small so I added  stitches to the side border so that it wouldn't affect the pattern. I'm using the Knit Picks Shine Sport in Apple Green that I bought a while back. This is the softest cotton yarn I have ever felt and it has a beautiful shine to it. I haven't washed it so I don't know how well it holds up but I love how it looks and feels right now. I am working on the ties which is an i-cord and I am making both at the same time so that they are the exact same size since that's been an issue for me with other bibs I have made. 

The third project is a granny square for the Freshstiches BFF Cowl we are making in the Freshstitches group on ravelry. I have 5 more of these to make and I am using Vanna's Choice in Dusty Purple. Its the first time I am making granny squares and they are so quick which is always a plus. We are using a basic pattern so I didn't have a hard time making it. 

Lastly I am working on another monster! Its the ball monster from the Design your own Monster class on craftsy. I am using Berroco Vintage in Emerald and Mint. I'm hoping to finish him up today so I can show him completed Friday. 

I will also have the Platypus and Seahorse finished to show ya'll. I know they have taken me a while to make. I am also supposed to get my yarn I ordered from today so I may be able to finish the Owl I was working on last week. I still need the beak and feet and I am using one of the yellows I ordered. 


  1. Good luck with your other things. ;-) The socks look great!

  2. I love Very Pink Knits, she has great knitting tutorials! Your socks are looking super.

  3. Your are busy:) Good luck with all your lovely projects!

  4. Aww the croc bib is just adorable! Love the other projects too, but especially the bib.

  5. you have so much going on! i love the bib! Its adorable. Maybe if my daughter wore a bib like that it would help me to get over my fear of crocs!

  6. Everything looks great! I love your socks.

  7. Love the bib! Can't wait to see the monster finished.

  8. 2-at-a-time socks are the best! It's so nice to get to the end of the pattern and have a pair of socks!


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