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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday: A little of Everything

This week has been a little crazy. I have been working on more than just crocheting. Last Friday my internet was not working so there was no FO Friday post. Which is actually okay since I didn't have time to actually finish anything but I will this Friday at least that's the plan. So I am actually typing up this post early because today (Tuesday) my internet was not working again for a couple hours and I actually have plenty to share so I wanted to make sure I had no problems getting this one up on time. 

So many of you may know that had a sale this weekend and all their classes were $19.99. Remember I mentioned in last weeks post that I was thinking about attempting to make my own animals well I think this was the perfect time to buy Stacey Trock's Amigurumi: Design your own monster class. Stacey teaches how to make your own monsters by sharing lots of tips and showing you how to create anything you can imagine. It's an awesome class and I highly recommend it. I had taken here woodland animals class a while back and loved it so I knew this one would be great and it is. Here are the 4 patterns you get when you sign up for this class. 

I started by making this little guy from her class. He is the yeti which is based on the pattern from above. I loved how I had very little sewing to do since the legs and arms are crocheted in. Its pretty small so I am almost done with him even though I started him earlier today. 
I am almost done with my bear which I was supposed to finish last week but didn't get around to it until today. This one will be finished by Friday. I added some eyes that are different from any others I have used. I got the idea from a fellow member of the Freshstitches Group on ravelry her ravelry name is chocobo-knits.  She makes amazing amigurumi and I love how the eyes are baby safe and decided to try them on my animals. You will really be able to see them on Friday. This bear will be my first finished animal for sale in my etsy shop that's coming soon! 

I started several other projects this weekend which include two dragons. I finished crocheting all the parts so I can attach them to the body as the instructions say. These will be my sixth and seventh dragons. Thats really exciting because soon I will have an army of them. Expect for the fact that these two are going to be for sale so this will only be a temporary home. You may have noticed that one of them is a color combination you have seen on my blog before and thats because I am making a second blue/green dragon. I loved the first one so much I refuse to sell it but I think its a beautiful combination so I bought more yarn and the second one is going to be for sale. 

                                                                                       Another animal I am working on is another whale from the M. Richard pattern that is a free download. I got this awesome blue color and knew that it was going to be for a whale. I got started on Monday but haven't worked on it since. Its a pretty quick animal to finish so I think I will get him done soon. 
This next animal I started last week and have made some progress. I finished up crocheting all the pieces I could. I made the wings longer and striped like Hootie the owl. I still need to make the beak and feet but I need a yellow for that which I don't have. I think I will be ordering some more colors in Berroco Vintage next month so I will definitely get some yellow then and be able to finish him completely. I found a couple online store I am thinking about and Both have a large selection of yarn which unfortunately my LYS doesn't have. If anyone has any good or bad things to say about either or these two that would be helpful. Or if anyone has any recommendations for where to order online that would be great. 
I have 2 more animals on my to do list that I need to get finished asap and those are the platypus and seahorse which I have not done anything since the last time you saw them.

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  1. your stitches are so neat! I need to improve my ami skills

  2. Wow they all look so cute. I love the colours of your sea animals.
    Ali x

  3. I was going to say that they were all so cute, but that seems to be too popular of a response! How about: They are so adorable!! I am not great at crocheting, but I've tried to knit a few animals. They seem too fiddly for me, so I admire anyone who specializes in them!!

  4. You make such adorable animals. I am jealous of people who do ami.

  5. Your animals are so cute. I need to look back through the Dragon CAL and find your dragons. :-)

    PS - I'm glad I'm not the only one with a gazillion WIPs

  6. WOW! You're juggling a lot of projects this week! They are looks like they're going to be really great when you're finished, especially the seahorse!

  7. wow. such great work. the stitches are amazing.


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