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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday?

Today is Wednesday right? I am a little off and didn't remember to do my WIP Wednesday post until somebody at work told me it was Wednesday. I think it might be because I actually had to work outside the house today. So anyway I have plenty to share this week. Most of this weekend I was doing a lot of planning. I found out that there is a local indie market here in my city. I was super excited because its a great opportunity to sell some of the things I make. Of course being that this would be the first time I do something like this I have to buy the tent, tables, chairs, displays and everything else to make my booth great.  Since I am only starting my business I already had a list started that I just added on to. I did some price checks and slowly am coming up with a budget for everything. This indie market is the First Friday of every month from April to December so I think I will start in April that way I have plenty of time to get everything I need and make a lot of stuff.  If anybody has an tips or links for me those will be greatly appreciated :)

Okay first up are some really bad drawings for my first self designed amigurumi. The techniques will be the same that you would use for any Freshstiches pattern just because I love the look of her patterns. I have two animals I am thinking about and they are a Lemur and a kangaroo. I think I may even try to add a baby into the pouch of the kangaroo. I wrote my notes of how I think I am going to make them but the actual making of the animal may take a while. I really want to take her class on craftsy Amigurumi: Design your own Monster but I will have to wait because I already spent to much on my credit card this month. 


Taking about spending too much. I bought 10 hanks of Berroco Vintage this past weekend. I pretty much got one of each color I liked. They don't have a huge selection at my local yarn store so I think I may have to order more online since this is the yarn I am going to use for the amigurumi I will be selling. Of course that will probably be next month but meanwhile I will be making cuties with these. I am thinking about ordering from Jimmy Beans Wool because they offer most of the colors in this line. Has anyone ordered from them before? Any complaints or good things to say about them?

Moving on I did have plenty of time to crochet and I am working on three animals. This first one is a teddy bear using some of the new yarn I bought Berroco Vintage. Its the same color as the dragon I did last week and I have to say I really love it. I only have the sewing left but I might wait to do that until I finish the other animals. 

The second animal I am working on is the Freshstitches Platypus pattern I bought during the sale. I am using Caron Simply Soft yarn. I am slowly but surely working on using up all my stash of this yarn. I really like these two colors together. It is really easy and fast to make. Hopefully I will have it finished for Friday. 

The last animal is also a Freshstitches pattern, Nelson the Owl. I have been wanting to make another one for sometime now but haven't really gotten around to it because I have been making other animals but now that I have some new yarn I couldn't resist starting it. I am using a dark purple with a mint green. I was unsure at first if it was the right choice but I am really liking it. I won't be able to completely finish this one up until I get some yellow or orange for the nose and feet. So the completed project may take a while to show up in a FO Friday post. Another thing I don't know is what color I should use for the eye circle. Any suggestions?

Reminders & Updates
If anyone is interested in a finding a way to store small balls of yarn or thread you can check out my blog post from Sunday about it here.

I have not finished the seahorse form last week and don't think I will in time for Friday but maybe next week...hopefully :)

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