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Friday, December 28, 2012

FO Friday: Last one of the 2012!

This is the last FO Friday of the year! I'm very happy with everything I accomplished this past year and I'm excited to see what the new year brings! One thing I am very proud of is the opening of my Etsy shop. To be completely honest it wasn't really one of my goals for this year but it was definitely one of the highlights of the year. I will be having a New Year's Sale in celebration of my shop opening this year and also in making my first two sales. The sale will start today Friday, December 28th and go on for 13 days which means it will end Wednesday, January 9th. Use the Coupon Code: NEWYEAR13 to get 13% off your total purchase! This will probably be the biggest sale of the year so make sure and take advantage of the savings now! In addition to there being a sale I will also be adding 1 new item each day for the 13 days. All will be stuffed animals and 5 of those 13 you will see in the pictures below!

But first I want to share the handmade gifts I made for Christmas. I made my brother this tiny penguin. Its a Freshstitches pattern and can be found here. It was super fast to make and he is such a cutie in person. I made the nose smaller because the one I made following the instructions seemed to big. 

Isn't this fawn so cute? It was the surprise amigurumi I was making for my mother. She loves it! She loves deer and this was definitely the cutest deer pattern I found. This is a Pepika pattern and can be found here. This is the first amigurumi pattern I make that isn't a Freshstitches pattern and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was easy to make and I think I will be purchasing more in the future. She has several really cute patterns. I did crochet mine through the back loops similar to the Freshstitches pattern and really liked how it turned out. 

This last one if the Crocodile Stitch Shawl by Bonita patterns that took me about a month to complete. Its huge! It measures 41 inches wide and 30 inches long. My mom was so surprised and happy when she saw this. It was her favorite present. I tried to take a picture of as much as I could but had to leave out the ends so that the picture looks better. I highly recommend this pattern its beautiful even though the stitch is very time consuming. 

I don't remember if I mentioned this before but there is a Freshstitches kit club. The first subscriptions were in November and we received our first package this month. Basically you sign up to receive a Freshstiches kit every other month for a total of 6 months.  For the US the price was $58.50 which included shipping. Making each kit $19.50 which the shipping included which is very reasonable. Each kit comes with a pattern that already exists for purchase from Freshstitches which means there is a possibility of you already having the pattern but she adds instructions for something different about the pattern. The kit also comes with all the supplies you will need to complete the project not including the hook or stuffing. This time we got Tipper the Tiny Crab and instructions on how to add the beads. So here is mine!

I realize this post is way to long but this last part is going to be manly pictures and less words. These are five amigurumi I just finished. All will be added to the shop sometime in the next 13 days. First up is this purple and pink dragon. Some of you may find her familiar because I started her a long time ago and she has been waiting patiently to be finished and the wait is finally over. :)

Next up is this cute blue owl. The fifth owl I make and he has also been waiting to get finished for a couple of weeks. I thought since I had made a pink one already it was only right to make a blue one. Both this and the pink one will be added soon. 

These last three amigurumi definitely waited the longest. I started them before Halloween! These are three of the ten monster patterns by Freshstitches that are available for free at 

I really like how this one turned out! FYI this will be available today for sale! Look for him later on today. 

This last one I made a couple of changes from the original but I like it and its bigger than all the other amigurumi I've made before. 

I almost accomplished my last goal of the year which is to finish all the amigurumi I have started before next year. I only have 3 left and will try to finish them up today so I can share them next Friday for the first FO Friday of 2013!

On Monday there will be a special blog post! Since most of my blog post have been all about amigurumi which I started making in May I thought why not have a special post the last day of the year featuring ALL of the amigurumi I made this year? So if you are interested in seeing all the amis I made this year in one post check it out on Monday!

I want to thank all of you all who leave comments and read my blog. Thank you so much! I read all of them and appreciate that you take the time to do it. I hope all of you had a great 2012 and that next year is even better! Enjoy your last weekend of 2012 and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. I still like the owls the most. It's their eyes. :-)

  2. Hermosos trabajos Adriana!!
    Felicidades y mis mejores deseos para el 2013.
    Un abrazo

  3. Cuteness overload! I love the idea of finishing everything before the New Year. I only have a couple of things on the needles so maybe I'll try to do the same :)

  4. The crocodile stitch shawl was well worth the time you had to put into it. It's beautiful!

  5. Wonderful amigurumi made there. Your mum's shawl is lovely. So glad you had great appreciation and love for your handhooked Christmas gifts. Good luck with your sale.

  6. Lovely amigurumi! My favorite is the fawn.

    Happy Holidays!


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