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Friday, December 14, 2012

FO Friday: Mystery Animal Revealed!

This past week I have been doing nothing but working on finishing up three Christmas gifts for my mom so I only have one thing to share. 

I finally got around to attaching on the pieces of the Mystery animal for the Freshstitches CAL and its a dog! She is adorable even though mine looks a little odd since no dog is really purple with blue but I still think she's cute. The attaching of the front legs and back legs to the body is a little confusing but I think I did okay. 

I can't believe its almost Christmas! Only a little over a week left! So just a little update: The crocodile stitch triangle shawl is almost finish. I started adding the fringe on so that I can see how long it will be with the fringe included. I still have a couple more rounds to go but if everything goes as planned it will be finished this weekend and I will finally be able to share it with y'all next FO Friday.
 I have made some progress on the cowl but since I have been working almost exclusively on the shawl I haven't gotten done as much as I would have liked. I'm estimating that it will take me about 2-3 days to finish it so my plan is to finish the shawl by Sunday. Then have Monday- Wednesday to finish up the cowl. 
The last project is the amigurumi and I know for a fact that I only need one more day to finish the last three legs and sew the pieces together. I already attached on all the head pieces so I would only need to attach the legs onto the body and that onto the head. Which I could do this weekend if I finish the shawl early or on Thursday after finishing the cowl. If everything goes as planned I will have those three to share next FO Friday!


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  1. Christmas is coming closer .... Hopefully, you get everything ready in time. Have a crafty weekend. Regula

  2. I think the dog is perfect! Good luck with the Christmas knitting. normally I'm up to my ears in it so I understand. I sounds like you've got a pretty good handle on it though.

  3. I'm not thinking about how near we are to Christmas... I'm not ready yet. I think a purple dog with blue ears is a fantastic!

  4. What a cute, plush dog. Great job on it.


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