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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Mom's Christmas Gifts

This weekend I have been working on three Christmas gifts for my mother. We have less than two weeks until Christmas so I'm rushing to get them finished.

The one I was most worried about not finishing was the Crocodile Stitch Triangle Shawl but I have made a lot of progress this past weekend and I'm thinking it will be done soon. I started to add the fringe yesterday to better see the length and I think I will probably at the most have to crochet another 5 scales to finish! Yay! I'm so excited because I seriously thought it wasn't going to be done on time. Of course I have been working on that only so I kind of took and unintentional break from my etsy shop to focused on this. But more items will be coming up soon! As soon as I finish my gifts I am focusing 100% on adding more items.

This next project I just started an hour ago. I know I'm crazy but I am also going to be making her this Ambitus neck warmer. Its a very simple pattern but I like it so I thought why not. I actually had started a cowl last week but I decided to frog it because I felt like I didn't really want something loose instead I wanted something to be right up against the neck so this was perfect. I'm thinking it won't take me more than a couple days to finish this so its a quick project to include on my list. 

The third gift is an amigurumi. Its one I mentioned in another blog that I was keeping a secret. I'm not going to say what animal it is but your welcome to make a guess. This is the body of the animal. Even though I love Freshstitches amigurumi patterns I decided to try this pattern thats' from a different designer. I can already see the differences in styles but I'm liking it so far. 

The last thing on my to-so list this week is to finish up the mystery animal for the Freshstitches CAL. The mystery has been revealed and its an adorable animal but I haven't had time to sew up the pieces. I am going to try to find some time to do that on Thursday for two reasons. One because otherwise I will have nothing to share for FO Friday and two because the deadline for entering your picture is on the 16th which is Sunday so I need to get it done before its too late! 

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  1. Goodness, it looks like a puzzle to me, NO idea! Hope you get the shawl finished in time.

  2. Your projects are great, what a lovely gifts!:) You work so hard! Hope you show us more pictures soon. Thanks for the link to the Ambitus neckwarmer!

  3. It's exciting that you're so close to finishing your mom's shawl! I'm eager to see it once you've finished it! It's looking gorgeous.

  4. Your mum's gonna love that shawl!


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