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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrap-Up 2012

This year was a busy one and I started and finish a lot of projects. I started this blog almost a year ago to help me keep track of projects that I've worked on and so I thought why not do a wrap up showing all of the projects I finished this year. Well at least all of those that I photographed (which was most of them). I didn't realize how many of them are actually amigurumi until now! I started making amigurumi in May and haven't stopped. Be prepared for a really long post! Lets get started this year I made
82 Amigurumi,

18 Dishcloths, 

4 Baby Bibs, 7 pairs of Baby Shoes, 
3 Baby Sweaters, 2 Baby Hats

6 Tatted Projects,

a Shawl, & a Neck Warmer!

I also wanted to shared some projects I started this year that didn't get finished but hopefully will get finished next year. That's one of my main goals to complete all the UFO's that I have including those that I started years ago. I have
7 Needle Punch projects, a Cross Stitch project, 
try my own Amigurumi Designs, 

2 Tatted Bookmarks, 3 Tatted Doilies, 
2 Crochet Doilies, a Hairpin Lace project

2 Crochet Baby Dresses, a Crochet Needle Case, 
2 Amigurumi, 2 Crochet Baby Blankets, 
3 pairs of Crochet Baby Shoes, a Crochet Cowl,

3 Knit Baby Blankets, 4 Knit Baby Bibs, 
2 Knit Baby Shoes, a pair of Knit Socks, 
& a Knit Shawl. 

Total Projects started in 2012: 162
Finished Projects: 124
UFO's: 38

Not too bad I have to say. :)

Goals for 2013
Finish ALL UFO's I have including those that I've had for years

Finish all the projects I start in 2013

Use up Acrylic yarn stash

Work on adding more items to my shop 

Learn how to do shuttle tatting

Improve on my sewing skills 

Try out Broomstick lace 

Learn how to do needle felting 

Try colorwork knitting 

Learn ribbon embroidery 

Try out Quilling

Work more on Cross Stitch projects

Improve my baking skills

Try out yarn from fibers I haven't tried before

& Make all of the Freshstitches patterns I have that I haven't made yet

This is my last post in 2012 and all I have left to say is 

See you next year! :D


  1. You were busy this year. I couldn't imagine getting all those projects done. Happy New Year

  2. Wow, you have been so busy!
    I would love it if you would link this post to my 2012 Finished Objects Linky Party so that others can be in awe of what you haven created :)

  3. That is phenomenal! How do you do it?!


Thank you for your comments! :)

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