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Friday, February 1, 2013

FO Friday 2.1

I can't believe its already February! January went by really quick for me. Today's FO Friday post will also include my January Wrap-Up!

Deadline for stuffed animals to arrive in time for Valentine's Day is Wednesday, February 6th! I have three Valentine animals available in my shop. 
If you are interested in seeing what new items were added to the shop this month remember to check out the Merchandise Monday Post on Monday, February 4th! 

This week I have 5 items to share. 
I finished the last four bibs I needed to finish in order to complete my goal for this month! All 10 bibs have been added to my shop.  
I finished my Haruni Shawl last Saturday! I really love it and the pattern was really easy to follow. Below I included some close ups. I still need to block it but won't be able to do that until probably mid March when I buy my blocking supplies. This shawl I would definitely consider making again. 
January Wrap-Up

Here is a collage of all the projects I finished in January! I will be making one of these at the end of every month so that at the end of the year its easier for me to locate all the projects I finished during the year. For the 2012 wrap-up I did, it took me forever to go through and locate the pictures of all my finished projects so this way I only have to find 12 of them and I'm done. :) 

In January I finished a total of 19 projects! 

7 amigurumi,
10 baby bibs,
1 cowl,
& 1 shawl. 

TO-DO List 

This weekend I will get a chance to relax since I don't really have much to do. Probably at the top of my list would be to finish the Ripple Baby Afghan I am working on. The last day for me to work on it is Sunday and I would like it to be finished by then. If its not I will have to schedule another week to work on it and that wouldn't be until March. 

I also need to work on Merchandise Monday post which usually doesn't take long but it needs to be done by Monday. 

I would like to finish up the slugs for the Freshstitches Slug-a-long. I still have a little over a week so I'm not in a hurry. I will probably work on them at some point this weekend. 

The last thing on my list would be to find some time to work on my Classified Cupid mystery animal and the dog I started during the week. But if I don't get a chance I still have the rest of the month to work on them. 

Have a great weekend!
Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!


  1. Well done on getting all your bibs done and your shawl looks awesome. I love the colourway and once blocked will be a stunning piece to wear.

  2. Love all your projects! So cute :)

  3. Your shawl is gorgeous! And I love the idea of a monthly collage of FOs (I may just need to do the same). Also I found some inexpensive alternatives for the typical blocking supplies that you may be interested in... A Yoga mat & straight pins are something I heard of after I bought my supplies... would have been cheaper as I already had both at home! Also don't know if there is a Sears near you (or any other store that has a tools department) but I got 6 2"x2" (12 square feet) interlocking floor mats used for a garage, work area, kids play room, gym ect. for $19.99 where the ones on KnitPicks are $24.99 for 9 1"x1" (9 square feet) plus shipping. Just a thought :-)

  4. Awesome projects! My favorite are the Valentine's amigurumis.

  5. It's so amazing how you're so productive! The Valentines colors are so festive.


Thank you for your comments! :)

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