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Friday, February 22, 2013

FO Friday 2.4

Many of you may have seen my WIP Wednesday blog post and will already know that I took my amigurumi that I started last year out of hibernation and was working towards finished them up before the end of the month. Originally the plan was to finish some up to share today and the rest I would share next week. Well I really got to work these past couple of days and finished all of them! Which is actually a lot in only a few days especially since Wednesday afternoon I had a terrible headache and didn't get a lot of work done. So anyway here are my finished projects!

A ladybug made with Caron Simply Soft. I have no clue when I started this one but I found a couple of the body parts and went ahead and made the rest. 

This one is Alice the Monster cousin of the original Alfo the Monster which is a Freshstitches pattern available free on This one was started back in October. I had all the parts crocheted except for the eyes and mouth so it didn't take long to finish.

Here is another one I am unsure when I started. I know it was probably around August. This is the only animal I've made using Cotton yarn. I used Hobby Lobby I love this cotton. I really like it.

For some reason I always have an issue when attaching the pieces to this penguin. But anyway here is my second Howie the Penguin. Also a free pattern available on I started this one at the same time that I made my first penguin but never got around to finishing it. I originally was going to make it black but decided to use this color instead because I don't like crocheting with black, it hurts my eyes. I think it turned out okay even though the wings look odd to me. 

The last of the hibernation bunch is the squirrel. I remember I was so excited about making this one back in August but for some reason I stopped after attaching the head parts and never worked on it again. Then yesterday afternoon I finished it up within an hour. I really like how this one turned out. It isn't too complicated to attach all the parts as I originally thought. 

Even with all the other amis I was working on I managed to sneak in some time to work on my second Freshstitches kit club package. I never really thought I would be too interested in a making a mosquito but I have to admit I really enjoyed it and I love how he looks with the long legs. I also really like that its such a quick project.

And if that wasn't enough I also made this cute duckling. I guess I'm starting to get into the Easter spirit. I'm already thinking about making some Bunnies and Easter eggs. Maybe next week. I think after working on so many amigurumi I'm going to take a break from them this weekend and focus on my Entrelac crochet baby blanket. My plan was to work three rows daily one of each color and I'm behind a day so I'll need to catch up. 

Lastly, here is my mother's shawl I finished last weekend. I made some modifications and made it bigger than that of the pattern. I started to run out of yarn towards the end so I made the edging shorter than it was supposed to be but I think it turned out okay. It's definitely smaller than I was hoping but maybe some blocking will help. By the way I bought my blocking supplies! And I bought all of it at Walmart. I got the t-pins and I bought these foam mats that came in a pack of 6- 2 ft x 2 ft for $20. Its definitely a better deal than getting the ones at KnitPicks. The t-pins not so much. I got 40 for the same price that KnitPicks has 60. Below is a close up.

Oh and I also finished up my classified cupid project too! I'm so excited about sharing it with everyone but I had to send it off and have the person relieve it first. The plan is to mail it off on Monday and the person should receive it Wednesday or Thursday which means I will be able to share on Friday. I can't wait to see what everyone things about it. 

Have a great weekend!

Remember to come back for WIP Wednesday!


  1. That's a lot of FO's!
    They all look wonderful...

  2. You have certainly been busy. What a cute collection of little guys you finished off. I'm sharing a knitted dolly this week.

  3. Finishing of hibernating projects is such a great feeling. My Owls sweather had been living in a drawer making me feel bad for ages, but now it's done! I probably have some crochet figures with partly attached heads somewhere aswell..

  4. HOLY MOLY! You certainly have gotten a lot done since Wednesday! And, you have a bucket full of FOs to show for it!

  5. Holy cow! You've been busy!!!

    So much amigurumi cuteness! I'd happily make them, but the finishing puts me off. Too fiddly!

    Your mom's gonna love that shawl. It's beautiful!

  6. So many amigurumis! My favorite is the squirrel.

    Here's my FO:

  7. You attach your pieces so well. Do you have any tips for beginners?
    The shawl is beautiful. I think of a quiet moth fluttering away in the twilight.


Thank you for your comments! :)

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