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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday 2.1

I really slacked off this past weekend but I did finish one project and I'm hoping to finish a couple more for FO Friday.  I had planned to do the final update on the 31 days to get organized post today but decided to change. I will be posting on Monday a wrap-up post with all the things I did for each post. Some of them you have already seen in previous post and the new ones will be the ones that I was supposed to write up today. 
Today is the last day to order one of these cuties and get it in time for Valentine's Day. After today there is a chance that purchases don't make it in time. Valentine's Day is next Thursday and this isn't a post office deadline its just my shop deadline. :)
This week I am working on an inchworm. Its actually the same pattern as Stacey Trock's Alastair the Caterpillar pattern with a little modification. All I have left is to sew all the pieces together so I will be doing that hopefully tomorrow and it should be done for Friday. 
My other two wips are actually from last week. I started them last week and haven't worked on them since but its what's next on my list to work on now that I finished one of my big projects. The slugs are almost done so I'm sure they will be ready for FO Friday. The dog on the other hand will probably get finished over the weekend so I won't be sharing this Friday. I also want to make some time to work on my Classified Cupid Amigurumi. 
This week I started on my mom's shawl. The pattern is called Classic Triangle with eyelets and old shale lace by Katja Obring. The pattern is simple to follow but the instructions as written are wrong. If you look at the picture of her finished shawl you will see that there is a part missing in the instructions but its easy to figure out how to do it correctly. If your just getting started in knitting I wouldn't recommend the pattern but if you have some experience and feel confidant that you can figure it out give it a try its very simple but pretty.

I'm about half way done with it I think. Since there isn't a row count its hard to tell. It knits up very fast. I started it on Monday and I already have this much done. I'm hoping to actually finish this one early because my next weekly wip will be an entrelac blanket I am crocheting from the beginning because I frogged the one I had. I am now making it again using 3 colors instead of 2. I'm pretty sure I will need more than a week to finish it so I want to get any early start. 

I finished my ripple baby afghan and will be sharing it finished on Friday. As I said above I really slacked off this past week so I actually didn't work on it a couple of days which I made up for and finished it yesterday. I'm just happy to be done because I felt like it was never ending. 
Don't forget to come back for Finished Object Friday!


  1. So many cute projects! Your stitches look all so neat! The shawl to be for you mother looks beautiful, it is a pitty about the pattern.

  2. That shawl pattern is beautiful! I love how clearly you can see it with the white yarn. And an inchworm is such a great idea!

  3. I love your shawl. It's like snow, fresh and innocent ... Have a good week! Sabine.

  4. Really cute wips and your mom's shawl is just beautiful and simple. Looking forward to seeing FO Friday here.

  5. wow your shawl is super pretty, I love the little details. Have a creative wednesday x

  6. Lovely projects! Can't wait to see them finished.


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