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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ravellenics 6

Wednesday, February 12th

Today I'm sharing what I did for Day 6 of the Ravellenics. It was a snow day here so I spent all day crocheting and knitting. I started the morning working on my granny square blanket. I was going to make all the squares the same but after some thinking I decided to make a different square. I started with 10 squares in the new square combination. I only did the first three colors and I'm hoping to finish the other two colors today. 
I also joined the a second square to see what it would look like. I think the blanket is going to look good once its done. I actually think I will finish it before the end of the games. I need at least 49 squares. I have 22 completely finished, 9 partially finished and 18 more to start. 
Team: Freshstitches Friends 2014
Status: Not Finished
Events: Giant Slalom-ghan, Junior Ravellenics, Lace Luge, Modular Relay , Nordic Colorwork Combined, Stash Skeleton 

I started a new knitting project. Its a cabled bag. This is my first project with cables, grafting and using magic loop. This bag is knit in two pieces. The first piece is pretty easy and fast. 
I then had to graft the pieces together. It's noticeable for sure but not bad for my first time. Especially considering it was knit and purl stitches. I used the free mini class on Grafting from Craftsy for help. 
 Then I picked up 144 stitches and started knitting in the round using the magic loop. I like this technique and I'm planning on using it to make a pair of socks after finishing this bag. I love how the bag is turning out so far but it does have a lot of cables and I'm still very slow. If I can finish it by this weekend that would be great!
Pattern: Quinn Cabled Bag
Team: Freshstitches Friends 2014
Status: Not Finished
Events: Stash Skeleton, Bag Jump, Cable Cross-Country, Machine Skate 

Like I mentioned above I'm planning on making my first pair of socks. I found a really basic pattern that calls for worsted weight yarn and I thought it would be good to get the yarn ready so I weighted the yarn and made to separate balls. I think I want to try making 2 socks at once using magic loop because otherwise I'm not sure I'll ever finish the second and if I do I want them to be the same size.
Pattern: Beginner's Socks
Team: Freshstitches Friends 2014
Status: Not Started
Events: Sock Hockey, Single-Skein Speed Skate, Stash Skeleton

Still no progress on my loom scarf.
Pattern: No Pattern
Team: Freshstitches Friends 2014
Status: Not Finished
Events: Scarf Super-G, Loom Toe Loop
Product-Green (1 per project)
Aerial Unwind
Alpine Abode Enhancement 
Bag Jump
Cross Cowling
Free Dance
Giant Slalom-ghan
Hat Halfpipe
Mitten Moguls 
Scarf Super-G
Short-Track Shawls -
Sidecountry Challenge 
Sock Hockey
Sweaterboard Cross
Toy Tobogganing
Wips Dancing 

Additional-Purple (all that apply)
Beading Biathlon 
Cable Cross-Country
Entrelac Slalom
Junior Ravellenics
Lace Luge
Loom Toe Loop
Machine Skate 
Modular Relay 
Nordic Colorwork Combined
Single-Skein Speed Skate
Stash Skeleton 
Tunisian Spirit

Highlighted events mean I have completed a project that qualifies for that event.
Strikethrough events means I have a wip that when finished will qualify for that event.

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