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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wip Wednesday & Ravellenics

Today's Wip Wednesday will share its post with Ravellenics Day 5. I've been sharing my progress everyday to keep track of my projects. Check out past post! I've already finished 2 projects
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Tuesday, February 11th

The main focus of Day 5 was to finish up a shawl I started last year and will be entered in the Wips Dancing event. The reason I wanted to finish this is because I'm going to need the needles for another Ravellenics project I'll be starting as soon as I make progress on my granny square blanket. Well I finished knitting it now all I have left is to block.
Pattern: Los Liros
Team: Freshstitches Friends 2014
Status: Finished
Events: Wips Dancing

On Tuesday I crocheted the rows for the last 2 colors of 10 squares. I now have 21 finished squares. Almost half way done, I still need 28 more.
Team: Freshstitches Friends 2014
Status: Not Finished
Events: Giant Slalom-ghan, Junior Ravellenics, Lace Luge, Modular Relay , Nordic Colorwork Combined, Stash Skeleton 

No Progress on my loom scarf today.
Pattern: No Pattern
Team: Freshstitches Friends 2014
Status: Not Finished
Events: Scarf Super-G, Loom Toe Loop
Product-Green (1 per project)
Aerial Unwind
Alpine Abode Enhancement 
Bag Jump
Cross Cowling
Free Dance
Giant Slalom-ghan
Hat Halfpipe
Mitten Moguls 
Scarf Super-G
Short-Track Shawls -
Sidecountry Challenge 
Sock Hockey
Sweaterboard Cross
Toy Tobogganing
Wips Dancing 

Additional-Purple (all that apply)
Beading Biathlon 
Cable Cross-Country
Entrelac Slalom
Junior Ravellenics
Lace Luge
Loom Toe Loop
Machine Skate 
Modular Relay 
Nordic Colorwork Combined
Single-Skein Speed Skate
Stash Skeleton 
Tunisian Spirit

Highlighted events mean I have completed a project that qualifies for that event.
Strikethrough events means I have a wip that when finished will qualify for that event.

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  1. Can't wait to see your shawl after blocking. It'll look great. Stacked up crochet squares is always eye candy.


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