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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ravellenics Day 2

DAY 2 
Saturday, February 8th

Yesterday I started 2 new projects! I should have finished the other mitten but I'm working on it today.

The first project is a simple 2x2 rib scarf made on a loom. It gets pretty cold here on some days and I don't have many scarfs so I've been wanting to make one on my loom for a while but hadn't gotten a chance to. When I saw using a loom was an event I decided it was the perfect time to start. The plan is to work on it a little everyday and hope to finish it before the end of the games. I'm using yarn I bought last week, Premier Yarns Everyday Soft Worsted. Every time I went to Joann I would stop and pet this yarn, its so soft and now that I had a project in mind I got 2 skeins. I'm loving it so far.

Team: Freshstitches Friends
Status: Not Finished
Events: Scarf Super-G, Loom Toe Loop

The second project is a baby blanket. I actually wasn't planning this project until I saw a picture of one on Pinterest. I loved it and decided to make it for the games. I'm using Bernat Softee Baby that I've had in my stash for a long time. These were the only colors I had available but I think they look good together. I would like to finish this project in a week so my plan is to make 10 squares a day which is reasonable since it only takes me about 20 minutes to complete one that is 3 hours to make 10. In order to make my blanket a nice size I need 49 squares so if I make the 10 a day I should have all my squares done in 5 days. Then I can spend 2 days attaching them and adding a border. If I can complete this project it qualifies for 6 different events!

Team: Freshstitches Friends
Status: Not Finished
Events: Giant Slalom-ghan, Junior Ravellenics, Lace Luge, Modular Relay , Nordic Colorwork Combined, Stash Skeleton 
Product-Green (1 per project)
Aerial Unwind
Alpine Abode Enhancement 
Bag Jump
Cross Cowling
Free Dance
Giant Slalom-ghan
Hat Halfpipe
Mitten Moguls 
Scarf Super-G
Short-Track Shawls -
Sidecountry Challenge 
Sock Hockey
Sweaterboard Cross
Toy Tobogganing
Wips Dancing 

Additional-Purple (all that apply)
Beading Biathlon 
Cable Cross-Country
Entrelac Slalom
Junior Ravellenics
Lace Luge
Loom Toe Loop
Machine Skate 
Modular Relay 
Nordic Colorwork Combined
Single-Skein Speed Skate
Stash Skeleton 
Tunisian Spirit

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  1. That loom looks fun. I really like your squares. And thank you for wanting to feature Unagi-Chan! I'm so honored!


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