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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Finished: Baby Bib

This is my first attempt to make a bib. I was looking at free patterns online and found this one. It looks a lot like the ones they sell at stores so I decided to give it a try. I did a simple stockinette pattern with a garter stitch border. All its missing is the button and its done. I plan on making more but with some type of pattern in the middle. If you would like to try this pattern from Bernat it is available here.
I actually tried a new yarn for this project. I used Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Baby Blue.  I liked how soft it felt when I bought it but it doesn't feel the same on the bib. I guess I just need to use a bigger size needle since this is medium size 4 yarn which I'm not used to. The only thing about this bib that I didn't like to much was that you have to pick up stitches along the edge in order to have a nice border. Since making this I have found a fellow blogger who has lots of baby bibs with cute patterns and her way of making them is so much simpler but I will talk more about those when I actually get one finished.

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  1. When you first open an empty drawer, it can be tempting to just fold up the baby clothes and call it a day. But later on, when you're fumbling through a midnight changing, you may have second thoughts.


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