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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finished: Knitted Baby Shoes!

Again with my obsession of knitted baby items but this time its baby shoes! None of these are completely finished but I thought I would share anyway. The two on the left are for girls. The yellow T-strap shoes in the back probably only need a button. The Mary Janes also need a button but I might also add a flower or bow. The blue ones are for boy even though if I made them in pink they would look good on girls too. They are supposed to be like sneakers so I still need to add the shoe lace and its finished. The multicolored one in the back could also be for boy or girl depending on the color but this one has pink so its also for a girl and all that needs to be finished is a mini pom pom. I used different colors of Bernat Softte Baby for all of these which makes them super soft perfect for babies!

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  1. Good day,

    Any suggests for baby knits for hot summer weather?



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