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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finished: Crochet Hook Case

Inside: I made mine with more pockets than the one on the pattern.
I was really excited when I found the pattern for this case. I had been looking for a case to put my crochet hooks in but didn't find anything I liked. So i decided to make my own that way I could choose exactly how many pockets I wanted so everything would fit and I also got to choose the color. Its easy to customize it to your needs. I used Caron simply soft soft pink. One ball of this brand was enough for the whole project. This is the first one I made and my mother saw it and loved it so I decided to give it to her and make myself another one which I haven't started yet. I decided to add one button to close it but I recently saw one that had two which I liked so I might make mine with two. You can also sew on a zipper but I prefer a button. There were two different patterns. One was for the steel hooks and the other for aluminum hooks. The aluminum hooks are longer than the steel hooks. This one I made was the one for the steel hooks but I made it longer to fit the aluminum hooks as well. Like I said before its very easy to customize it to your needs.
This is what the cover looks like

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  1. A beautiful crochet hook case! I madea machine quilted one ages ago, but this one is so much nicer. I may have to make a new one now!


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